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Winter Wonders at Carobeth: Preparing for a Blooming New Season

As the winter winds whistle through Carobeth’s Devon flower farm, a different kind of beauty unfolds behind the scenes. While the vibrant blooms of spring and summer are a distant memory, the fields and polytunnel are far from dormant. This is a time of quiet preparation, of nurturing the future and of laying the foundations for the next cycle of growth and beauty.

Winter at Carobeth is a season of essential tasks that set the stage for the floral extravaganzas to come. The key to our success lies in three critical jobs: planting, recycling and planning. So here are some jobs we are doing during these short winter days. 

Planting Ranunculus and Tulips: A Promise of Spring

We’ve busily planted heritage narcissi, ranunculus and tulips; bulbs and tubers that slumber beneath the soil, harbouring the promise of spring. These are not just flowers; they are symbols of hope, patiently waiting to unfurl their colours at the first hint of warmer days.

Ranunculus are part of the buttercup family, though the ones we grow for displays are larger and have layers of petals that mean the flower heads have an almost rose like quality and are very popular for spring and early summer weddings. They come in a huge range of colours and have a fairly long flowering season, which is why we love them for early season vibrancy. 

We're experimenting with timing tulip blooms for Valentine's Day and Mother’s Day; an ambitious project that involves tricking these spring favourites into blooming early. We will also have our normal tulips for later in the spring. This year, for some unexplained reason, tulips have become a fabulous temptation for the local four-legged creatures, including those thieving squirrels and mice. Garlic, chilli and Maisy the cat are in full-time employment. 

Recycling for Rejuvenation: The Cycle of Life

Recycling compost is another vital task. We produce all our compost on site using our own green waste, plants we have dug up from the beds and manure from a local horse stables and a nearby farmer. We let the compost develop throughout the year in bays, and at this time of year we are starting to add heaps of it on to our flower beds ready for the new season. 

As the compost mixes into the soil and further rots down, it releases nutrients into the soil which support the plants. During the cold start of spring, the warmth the new compost lets off also helps to support early spring bulbs as they begin to push through the earth. 

This process is a beautiful reminder of the cycle of life – what was once blooming and vibrant returns to the earth, only to give life once again.

Tips for a Flourishing Future

As we delve into this work, we also embrace the importance of planning. Here are some tips for anyone looking to prepare their gardens for the upcoming season:

  1. Strategic Planting: It's essential to plan what to grow and where. This year, we're not expanding our beds or growing areas, save for a possible new polytunnel. Instead, we're focusing on enhancing what we already have.
  2. Seed Selection: Winter is the perfect time to sit down, dream of the colours and textures of spring and summer and choose seeds accordingly. Ordering seeds now ensures we're ready when the time comes to sow.
  3. Embracing Rest: Sometimes, the best preparation is to allow the land and ourselves to rest, to reflect on the past season's lessons and to dream of the future.

New Blooms on the Horizon

Looking ahead, there's much to be excited about at Carobeth. We are planning which varieties to add and which to swap to ensure we have the best possible selection right through the fresh flower season, as well as plenty of flowers for drying to use in the winter. For example, last year’s successful trial with lisianthus has emboldened us to expand this beautiful variety in our fields. 

We're continuing to test the limits of what can be achieved with careful planning, a deep understanding of nature’s rhythms and a commitment to sustainable, chemical-free gardening.

The Carobeth Promise

At Carobeth, we believe in working with nature, not against it. Our practices are rooted in sustainability and respect for the natural world. We grow our flowers naturally, ensuring our customers get the best while reducing the cost to the planet.

Every step we take this winter is a step towards our vision of giving back more than we consume. We are planting seeds – literal and metaphorical – that will grow into strong oaks of change and beauty. Our British seasonal flowers are not just plants; they're symbols of our commitment to an eco-conscious future.

The Joy of Anticipation

As we navigate the winter tasks, there's a sense of anticipation; a building excitement for what's to come. The Carobeth farm is alive with the promise of new life, of colours yet to paint the landscape and scents yet to perfume the air.

This is the magic of Carobeth – bringing nature into homes and reconnecting people with the natural world, one flower, one seed, one bloom at a time. And as each day passes, we move closer to a new season of growth, beauty and the joy of sharing our sustainable, natural wonders with you.

Celebrating Winter’s Charm with Carobeth’s Dried Flower “Forever Natural” Range

While we eagerly await the bloom of fresh flowers in the upcoming seasons, let's not forget the enduring beauty that winter offers through Carobeth's dried flower range. This collection is a testament to the idea that beauty doesn't fade; it simply transforms.

Our dried flower range is a celebration of timelessness. Each stem, picked at its prime and carefully preserved, tells a story of a moment captured forever. 

In these quiet winter months, our dried flower range offers an eco-friendly option for home decor. They are a sustainable choice, requiring no water or additional care, yet providing endless visual pleasure. By choosing these arrangements, you’re not only beautifying your space, but also making a conscious choice for the environment.

In a season where fresh blooms are sparse, our dried flowers provide a continuous link to nature. They serve as a reminder of the cycle of life and the beauty that each phase holds. Even in their dried form, these flowers exude a vitality that resonates with the soul.

— With festive warmth, Wendy

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