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Forever Natural: The Timeless Beauty of Dried Flower Arrangements

The charm of flowers is eternal. Fresh or dried, they possess the power to illuminate any corner, breathe life into the mundane, and touch souls with their simplistic allure. At Carobeth, we have embarked on a journey to extend this fleeting beauty, ensuring it stands the test of time with our dried flower arrangements.

On our Devon Flower Farm, we've mastered the delicate art of preserving nature's beauty. As you step into our studios, a mesmerising spectacle awaits. Rows of vibrant flowers, each with a tale of its own, hang gracefully, undergoing a transformative journey. Welcome to the world of dried flower arrangements – where nature meets artistry and creates an everlasting marvel.

The Fascinating Journey: From Fresh Blooms to Everlasting Beauties

Carobeth isn't just about flowers: it's about creating art, narratives and timeless memories. Tucked away in our picturesque farm are studios dedicated to the delicate process of drying flowers. When we talk about our dried flower arrangements, we're not just discussing decor items. It's a narrative of passion, patience and perfection. 

Every flower that is chosen for the Forever Natural collection is picked at its prime. It is then delicately hung in our specially designed studios. With the passage of weeks, as they are kissed by the gentle drafts and warmed by the amber sunlight, they undergo a wondrous metamorphosis. What emerges is not just a dried flower, but a testament to nature's enduring elegance.

As the flowers dry, the petals retain their hue but lose their moisture, and these flowers begin to take on a new persona. They're no longer just flora; they become pieces of art, encapsulating a moment in time and preserving it for eternity.

The Ever-Changing Persona of Dried Flowers

While flowers in their fresh form have their distinct appeal, dried flowers exude a unique charm. They are a reflection of resilience and timeless beauty. Just as a fine wine matures with age, so do our dried flowers. With each passing day, they develop a unique character. 

The Bells of Ireland whisper tales of ancient legends, while the vibrant hues of the Larkspur – available in blue, white, and pink – evoke feelings of serenity. Carnations, known for their longevity, find a permanent home amongst the Forever Natural family. Even the Buttercup, though short, stands tall and proud, showcasing its undying spirit.

Every flower in our Forever Natural collection has a narrative and character that's distinctively its own.

Our current range includes many different blooms and foliage that we have collected all through the year. Our dahlias add a touch of sophistication to any arrangement. These complex blooms, with their labyrinth of petals, speak of elegance and dignity. While our dried hops bring scent, a rustic texture and a hint of wilderness, to your home decor, representing fertility and abundance.

Honesty has always been a popular dried flower choice, also known as the 'Money Plant,' its translucent silver coin-like seed pods spark conversations of transparency, sincerity, and prosperity.

Each flower, with its unique character, seamlessly blends into the Forever Natural tapestry, ensuring that every bouquet tells a rich, multifaceted story of nature's grandeur.


Decorating with Dried Flower Arrangements: Tips and Tricks

Dried flowers, with their rustic charm, can elevate any space. Our dried flower arrangements tend towards airy lightness, just like our summer displays. We often draw on plants such as Daucus and Old Man’s Beard to give us feathery wispy textures and an ethereal aura. These add a touch of magic and mystery, evoking memories of fairy tales, lazy summer days and enchanted forests.

Here are some tips for keeping your flowers looking their best in your home: 

  • Pair with Seasonal Items: Mix your dried flower arrangements with seasonal fruits, candles, or textiles to create a harmonious blend of nature and homeliness.
  • Diversify: Utilise the wide range available. Dried flowers allow you to combine flowers that would never normally meet in a display. 
  • Care for Your Arrangement: Ensure they're placed away from direct sunlight to maintain their colour. A gentle dusting every few weeks keeps them looking fresh.

Natural Beauty, Anytime, Anywhere

Winter might render gardens barren, but with our Forever Natural collection, you carry the essence of all seasons in your living space. These arrangements arrive at your doorstep, woven with stems of wildflowers, annuals, seed heads and grasses, creating an incredible display of everlasting beauty. They're not just bouquets; they're a promise of nature's perpetual elegance.

These arrangements bring so much to a home, they warm a space with the promise that the sun with return in the spring. They are art in its purest form, captured at the perfect moment to preserve the sheer beauty of Mother Nature at her most glorious time. 

Concluding Thoughts: Embrace Nature's Everlasting Art

Forever Natural is more than just a product; it's a philosophy. In a world that's constantly changing, there's solace in the timeless beauty of these arrangements. They're reminders of nature's bounty, resilience and artistry. And as each flower tells its story, we're reminded of the simple joys of life.

Eager to introduce a touch of nature's undying elegance into your home? Dive into the world of "Forever Natural" and let your space bloom with perpetual charm. Check out our collection now!

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