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A Rustic Yuletide: Creative Tips for Dried Flower Christmas Wreaths

As the frost begins to settle and Yuletide carols fill the air, it's time to deck the halls with boughs of... dried flowers? Absolutely! This season, let's embrace a Carobeth Christmas, where the charm of dried flowers and natural decor brings a rustic and eco-friendly touch to your festive celebrations.

The Timeless Circle of Wreaths

Wreaths have a storied history that weaves through time and tradition. Originating from the ancient Greco-Roman world, they were symbols of power and glory, often worn as crowns by victors of both athletic competitions and battles. 

As the wheel of time turned, the wreath evolved into a Christian symbol for Christ's suffering and ultimate victory over death; its circular shape representing eternal life, with no beginning and no end. Today, wreaths adorn our doors as emblems of welcome and celebration, embracing the spirit of Christmas and the cycle of the seasons.

Wreaths Reimagined

Our top tip for creating a dried floral wreath? Ensure it's displayed in a dry area to avoid the dampness of winter's frost and rain. Dried wreaths are ideal for indoor decor but also work on well-covered areas as long as the weather is on the crisp side of winter.

Twine together bracken, the silvery wisps of Old Man's Beard, and the transparent beauty of Honesty seed pods for a dried natural wreath that will last all winter. For a twinkle of holiday magic, weave in a string of fairy lights and nestle in some berries for a pop of colour.


Gifts from Nature's Hearth

Move over, poinsettias! Why not gift a little jam jar posy tied with a ribbon? Dried flowers work extremely well as winter posies as they last so long and can smell incredible. Or if you are looking for more of a showstopper this year, why not purchase a Carobeth wall art piece complete with a hook for immediate hanging? 

Our forever-natural collection comes as a complete dried bouquet perfect for winter gifting, whether it’s for family, friends or just to treat yourself. These gifts aren't just thoughtful; they’re pieces of the season that last, embodying the spirit of a truly sustainable Christmas.

This season, let's make sustainability the star at the top of the tree. Let's celebrate with the gifts that nature gives us, long after the last carol has been sung, and let's make memories that, like our dried flowers, stand the test of time.

Foliage Forays and Festive Displays

Incorporating natural evergreens with dried florals creates a celebration of textures and tones. Forage responsibly for larch and holly, adding in your dried flowers from Carobeth to create a spectacle of nature's bounty. Imagine a small, moss-covered branch, wrapped in fairy lights, adorned with baubles, and cradling dried flowers in its embrace – this could become the centrepiece of your Christmas feast.

Remember, if you're foraging, always check if you need to seek permission and harvest sparingly. Mother Nature is generous, but she appreciates our respect.

Ready to bring this rustic elegance into your home? Browse our collection of dried flower arrangements and wall art pieces to find the perfect fit for your festive decor. Each piece is a little bit of Carobeth magic, ready to make your Christmas merry and bright.

The Flowers of Christmas Past

While hops might spring to mind, for garlands and dried flower wreaths there are lots of other options for natural winter decor. Let's turn to the treasures that the season and Carobeth offer. 

Picture a garland of golden bracken, the star-like bursts of nipplewort, and the soft, feathered touch of both ornamental and wild grasses. These elements, when paired with fairy lights, create a Christmas display that's both nostalgic and novel. Bringing together traditional natural nods with a modern awareness of sustainability and style. 

Botanical Lore and Festive Folklore

At Carobeth we love to understand the history and lore behind the flowers we use so here is a little insight into the meanings behind some of this season’s features flora: 

Bracken: Often associated with healing and protection, bracken embodies the resilience of nature, even as it sleeps in winter. It reminds us of the enduring spirit of the season, offering a background of rich golds and bronzes to our arrangements. 

Hops: While not part of our Christmas palette this year, hops carry a legacy of abundance and merriment, traditionally used in the brewing of beer and symbolizing a bountiful harvest.

Honesty: With its translucent seed pods, honesty, also known as the money plant, speaks to transparency and reflection. In the glow of festive lights, it holds the mirror to the year gone by and the promise of the new.

Old Man's Beard: This wild clematis, with its feathery seed heads, tells a story of protection and ingenuity. In folklore, it’s a shelter for woodland spirits, adding an ethereal quality to our decor.

Incorporating these elements into our Christmas decorations is a nod to the beauty of the natural world, and also a homage to the stories and symbols that have been passed down through generations.

With each sprig of bracken, each strand of Honesty, we're not just crafting decor; we're weaving history and meaning into our celebrations. This connection to the past enriches our present and reminds us of the continuity of life, even in the depths of winter.

As we adorn our homes with these symbols of yesteryear, we're reminded of the threads that connect us to history and to each other. Let these ancient tales inspire your Christmas and fill your home with both beauty and the whispers of stories told by the fireside long ago.

This Christmas, let Carobeth be your guide to a celebration that's visually stunning, and steeped in the deepest lore and love of nature's gifts.

Happy holidays and a joyous new year from all of us at Carobeth.

— With festive warmth, Wendy

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