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The Changing Seasons on our Devon Flower Farm: Welcoming Autumn's Bounty

As the amber leaves begin their graceful descent, and the once-gentle breeze of Devon takes on a brisker, more assertive tone, our Devon flower farm prepares for the grand finale of the flowering season. 

Autumn, with its rich tapestry of colours and stormy overtures, brings a distinct set of blooms to our doorsteps. So, let’s uncover some of the stars of this spectacular act and explore their stories, symbolism and the magic they weave into our bespoke arrangements.

The Autumnal Symphony at Our Devon Flower Farm

Chabaud Carnations

Ah, the Chabaud Carnation! As timeless as the tales of old, these flowers have Mediterranean roots and were cherished by both the Ancient Greeks and the Romans in their ceremonial garlands. But they grow just as well on our Devon flower farm, despite the rain. 

Much like roses, their wide spectrum of colours offer different meanings and connections - red symbolising love and admiration, white purity and luck, and pink gratitude and remembrance. As the days grow shorter, these reliable beauties add colour and interest to any arrangement, and we currently have a good selection of warm tones from pink and red to apricot. 


Devon Flower Farm dahlia

The true showstoppers of autumn! Dahlias, with their intricate petals and myriad hues, reflect the very essence of the season. They are like a crescendo at this time of year, and having slowly grown and developed all summer they are now standing like shining jewels all over our flower beds. Dahlias love heat, and growing them in clay soil at our Devon flower farm hasn’t always been easy. But with good compost and a hot start to September, they have really come into their own this year. But the recent storms have rather knocked them back. 

The “Café au Lait” variety, with its creamy petals, can soothe like a warm cup of frothy coffee on a chilly morning. We have plenty of this variety as it’s both extremely popular and prolific in its flowering. These are perfect for weddings but also make a wonderful soft display, wonderful for the soft filtered light of autumn. 

Fun fact: Dahlias are native to Mexico and were grown as a food crop by the Aztecs!


Delicate and graceful, Lisianthus might remind you of roses with their layered petals. But these flowers have their own unique charm. Originally from the American prairie, they symbolise appreciation and gratitude. 

On our Devon flower farm, we are particularly partial to the light pink variety, which is particularly captivating during autumn, blending seamlessly with the season’s tones. This variety plays off the “Café au Lait” Dahlia and our pink and white varieties of dahlia extremely well. 

Strawflower - Dried or Fresh

We predominantly grow straw flowers for our dried displays, and they are the perfect candidate for our Forever Natural dried flower range! But they are currently in season and make fabulous fresh flowers as well. Strawflowers are fascinating with their papery petals and rather psychedelic colours. Native to Australia, they represent eternal love, fitting for a flower that retains its beauty long after being picked.

Sweet Scabious (red and blue)

Hailing from the fields of Europe and Asia, the Sweet Scabious is an emblem of pure love. Its pincushion-like centre surrounded by soft petals makes it a unique addition to any bouquet, particularly when paired with Dahlias and Lisianthus. 

The softness of the blue variety offers a gentle cool tone to arrangements to contrast the often warmer colours of the season. Meanwhile, the deep jewel colour of the red variety adds contrast to creamier colours.


Amaranthus Devon Flower Farm

With its cascading tendrils, the Amaranthus adds a touch of drama to our arrangements. This is an unusual plant with long flower structures that are bold and bright long after picking. Here on our Devon flower farm, we tend to treat it as foliage when creating arrangements due to its hanging tendencies. 

We are currently picking and drying Amaranthus for use in our upcoming Forever Natural range, which is fitting for a flower known as the ‘never-fading flower’ in Greek. It stands for immortality and enduring love.

Weaving the Magic Together

The magic truly unfolds when these flowers come together. Imagine a Carobeth In A Box featuring Dahlias, paired with the grace of Lisianthus, the drama of Amaranthus, and the timeless beauty of Chabaud Carnations. Not to forget the everlastingly beautiful Strawflower, ready to grace homes long after the season changes. 

Autumn might signal the close of the blooming season, but here at our Devon flower farm, it’s a time of rich bounty, stormy romances, and the promise of nature’s eternal cycle. As we wrap ourselves in cosy sweaters and prepare for winter, let the warm hues of our flowers be a reminder of the earth’s undying love for us. And if you'd like a monthly dose of this love, our Carobeth In A Box is just a click away!

And if you are looking for something to see you through until the first frost, why not check out our dried flower range, Forever Natural? 

We will be making new arrangements for our dried range all winter, so you can ensure every room is filled with

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