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Spring’s Palette: Exploring the Seasonal Spring Flowers at Carobeth

Spring at Carobeth is a celebration of renewal and colour; an eagerly anticipated season where our spring flowers burst into a vibrant tapestry of blooms. As the chill of winter fades, the promise of growth fills the air with excitement. This year, we are particularly thrilled to see how our roses are reviving beautifully after a notably wet winter. Their resilience is a testament to nature's enduring strength, and we look forward to their splendid flowering in the coming months.


Looking ahead, while our foxgloves are delayed due to the unpredictable weather, they are developing into robust, healthy plants. The anticipation builds as we imagine the spectacular display they will offer. Each day brings them closer to unveiling their full glory, promising an extraordinary bloom that will surely be worth the wait. At Carobeth, every season is a story of beauty and growth, and this spring is no exception.

What spring flowers are in bloom at Carobeth?

As spring unfurls at Carobeth, a stunning variety of flowers come into bloom, from the gorgeous intense colours of Geums to the nostalgic beauty of Peonies and the evening fragrance of Sweet Rocket. Each has its own story and charm, so let's delve into the details of these seasonal favourites.


Geums, particularly the vibrant 'Totally Tangerine' and the striking 'Koi' varieties, are currently illuminating our gardens with their fiery orange hues. These perennials are celebrated for their long blooming period, which starts in late spring and stretches into the summer, providing a continual display of colour. The 'Totally Tangerine' stands out with its soft, peachy-orange blossoms that sway on tall, wiry stems, while 'Koi' offers a more intense splash of bright orange, reminiscent of the fish it's named after. Both varieties bring a lively energy to any floral arrangement, adding both height and a pop of colour that captures the eye.

Sweet Rocket:

Sweet rocket, or Hesperis matronalis, features clusters of fragrant white and violet flowers, reminiscent of the simplicity and beauty of cottage gardens. This plant has graced European gardens since the time of the Romans, who appreciated its evening scent, earning it the nickname "night-scented gilliflower." A biennial, sweet rocket perfumes the air most intensely at dusk, making it a favourite among nocturnal pollinators. In floral arrangements, its tall spires add height and a wildflower charm, while its scent transforms indoor spaces with a hint of the wilderness.


Peonies, with their lush, opulent blooms, are historical favourites in gardens from China to the British Isles. First recorded in the UK in 1548, these perennial plants have a rich heritage that traces back to 1000 BC in China's imperial gardens. Beloved for their dramatic and slow-unfolding blooms, peonies symbolise wealth and honour but also evoke nostalgic memories of grandmothers' gardens. They bloom briefly in late spring, making their floral display a much-anticipated event each year. Once cut, peonies need cool water and a watchful eye to ensure their spectacular but fleeting show lasts as long as possible in arrangements.

Sustainability Focus: Why choose Carobeth Flowers?  

At Carobeth, sustainability is not just a practice but a promise to the land and the community. Our ethos is deeply rooted in the principles of organic farming, which guides every decision from seed to bloom. By avoiding chemicals and opting for natural fertilisers such as manure from local stables, we ensure that our flowers grow as nature intended, enriching the soil rather than depleting it.

Our commitment to supporting local ecosystems extends beyond the soil. By choosing not to use artificial heating, we allow the natural climate to dictate the growth cycles of our flowers. This not only conserves energy and reduces our carbon footprint but also ensures that our blooms are more resilient, having adapted to the local conditions without the crutch of temperature control.

This organic approach nurtures not just the plants but the entire ecosystem. The absence of harmful chemicals means that local wildlife, from bees to birds, thrives alongside our flowers. 

Incorporating Spring Flowers in Home Décor 

When arranging Carobeth's beautiful selection of flowers, the goal is to create an arrangement that feels as natural and inviting as a garden itself. We cherish designs that are open and airy, where the beauty of each flower can breathe and stand out. Such arrangements not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also contribute to a light and uplifting atmosphere.

Gorgeous Box

To achieve a dynamic display, focus on creating varying heights within your arrangement. This approach draws the eye through the composition, adding depth and interest. Experiment with different stem lengths to give your design a natural, less structured look, which mimics how flowers appear in nature.

Balance is key – not just in height, but also in colour and form. Try to distribute the colours evenly and consider the shape and volume of blooms to achieve harmony in your visual presentation. Remember, each flower should have its moment to shine.

Don't overlook the power of foliage. Far from just filling space, leaves enhance arrangements by adding contrast and depth. They come in a myriad of shapes and shades – from the glossy, deep greens of ferns to the silvery tones of eucalyptus – and play a crucial role in framing and supporting flowers. Utilise foliage to add structure, introduce new textures and create a backdrop that makes each flower pop, transforming a simple bouquet into a breathtaking floral display.

We provide conditioning and care tips in every box to help your flowers maintain their beauty for as long as possible. Following these guidelines ensures that your floral displays remain vibrant and stunning.

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