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Each box contains naturally grown flowers from our farm in Devon.

By ordering Carobeth in a Box, whether as a gift, a thank you or a special treat for yourself, our flowers will bring beauty into the home.

The flowers are packaged for you to arrange them the way that brings you pleasure. To help, we have included simple instructions so you can get the best out of Carobeth in a Box.

Our Wall Art pieces come with a picture hook for you to affix them to the wall to install your sustainable decoration.

At Carobeth, we are committed to contributing to that effort through our practices on the farm down to the packaging we use to send the flowers.
All of the packaging is fully compostable.


Service Guarantee

If we do not have flowers on the farm of the right quality, we will cancel your order and refund your money. Weather conditions impact the quality of the flowers at picking time, and we will never ship sub-standard flowers.

We are committed to providing high-quality stems. Despite being a small business, if the flowers arrive in a poor condition and do not recover after following the conditioning instructions in the box, please send a photo to us at, and we will send a replacement box or give you a refund.


Our Couriers do offer a Saturday morning delivery; however, they charge extra for that service. If your order isn’t delivered on Saturday, they will not try to redeliver until the following Monday. This is not ideal for the flowers, so it is something to consider.

We get the odd issue with our couriers where boxes are delayed. This is possible when ordering any product online, and we do not issue credits for delayed orders. All our flowers are picked fresh. By following the instructions for conditioning the flowers that are included in the box, your flowers should recover. Unfortunately, the delivery part of the process is beyond our control.